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Use forms to gather important information about your participants. In Qualifio, you can easily create forms to add to your Qualifio campaigns or external websites.

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Create a form

To create a new form:

  1. In your Qualifio account, go to EngageContentForms.
  2. Click + Create a new form to access the form builder. The form builder is where you can add fields to your form, adjust the settings for each field, and configure some form-wide settings.
  3. Name your form.
  4. Select the form language. This ensures that labels for identification fields, such as first name, are automatically displayed in the appropriate language. Additionally, you will exclusively view forms in the language of the campaign you're editing.
  5. You can pin your form as Master. A form pinned as "Master" will always appear at the top of your list. Please note that a Master Form cannot be edited in a campaign. Read more

Add fields

Fields are the building blocks of forms – they let you collect data from the people who take part in your campaign.

To add a form field:

  1. Click + Attach an existing field to browse and add a pre-existing field. To create a new field and use it on your form, click + Create a new field.
  2. Choose the type of field you want. You can choose to add identification, single-answer, multiple-answer, open-ended, or even file upload fields. Learn more about the different types of questions.
  3. Set up your form field:
    • Your question: enter text to name the field.
    • Possible answers: type the possible responses. This is optional and depends on the field type.
Please note: it is not possible to create headers or add spacing between form fields.

Manage your form field's options

Field options are options that you can apply to an individual field on your form – they control all sorts of things like validation, format, visibility and other requirements.

To edit a field’s basic options:

  • To prevent people from not answering, select Required.
  • If prefilled: select the action to take if the field has been previously submitted. Learn more about progressive profiling in forms.
  • Variables: if you have an integration, don’t forget to select a variable to get new data sent to your database. Click here to view our help article on variables.

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Please note: score options cannot be used in a form.

To edit a field's advanced options, in the Advanced tab:
  • Number of characters: specify the minimum and maximum number of characters allowed in the field.
  • Input mask: an input mask is a string of characters that indicates the format of valid input values. For more information, see the article Set up an input mask on a form field.
  • Placeholder text: text that appears in the input box for the field. The text will disappear when the participant enters a value in the field, and will not come through in the submission, even if the field is left empty.
  • Error message: when participants forget to complete the field or enter an invalid response, the error will be displayed and they will not be able to submit the form until they’ve entered a valid response. You can add a custom error message to your field to help guide participants.

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Please note: The advanced options you can access depend on the field type.

Update or rearrange fields

  • To edit a form field, click the ✏️ pencil icon.
  • To move a field, click and drag it above or below another field.


  • Once you complete adding form fields, select Save in the lower right of the form builder.

You can add text below or above the forms. You can explain to the participants why it is important for them to leave their informations. 

  • Above : Please fill in your information in order to allow us to contact you if you are the winner.
  • Under : Thank you.

Hide fields

This particular feature is helpful if you don’t want to display a field from the user’s view. Simply select Hide from the field menu.

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Archive fields

Archiving a field won’t affect any existing campaigns where the field is already being used.

Once a form field has been archived, it can be restored by clicking + Attach an existing field:

  1. Select Archived fields at the top.
  2. Hover on the field from the list and click Unarchive.

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Conditional fields

Display additional fields based on participants’ responses to a previous field. Learn more about conditional fields in forms.

Manage your Master Form's settings

The "General Master Form Settings" section is where you can edit properties that apply to your entire form.

  • Single sign-on: an authentication method that enables users to participate using an existing credentials set.
  • Position of the form: should your form come before or after your questions?
  • Skipping the form: should the form be skipped if participant information has been pre-populated?
  • Postal code normalisation: postal code normalisation, sometimes called standardisation, is a method to check and autocomplete the city when the postal code is typed, to improve accuracy.
  • Data validation: simplify data entry and check email and postal addresses with DQE One.
  • Opt-out consent: participants can decide not to have their data processed by your business. Learn more here. Please note that the opt-out consent approach does not require individuals to provide explicit consent, which can raise privacy concerns.
Please note: users must be an admin to select Lock this option.

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Learn more

Building your form is just the beginning. Check out our tutorials to learn more about all the other areas of Qualifio – like setting up the thank you page and adding an agreement checkbox to a form.

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