How to create a branded puzzle in Qualifio

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Puzzles are the hobby that filled our spare time during our childhood (or our adult life!), but they also represent an innovative way to deliver your company’s message and make your audience remember you. With Qualifio, you can create personalised jigsaw puzzles to achieve your marketing goals and use this playful format to deliver fun to your online community.

What are the special characteristics of the puzzle?

Let’s start with the basics.

The jigsaw puzzle game consists of moving pieces to the correct position in order to assemble the original picture with the fewest possible clicks and within a certain timeframe (see the demo).

Users simply click on the tiles that they want to move (horizontally, vertically, diagonally, at the opposite, etc.). The game is over when the puzzle is finished or after a certain time limit.

The puzzle format in Qualifio allows you to upload a full image, without the need of cutting it, and then the tool itself divides the picture into pieces. Your puzzle is ready to be solved!

Creating your own jigsaw puzzle won’t take a lot of time. Let us start with a short video where we show you how easy and quick it is!

What images will you need to create your branded puzzle?

To set up your puzzle with Qualifio you will need:

  • an image that the tool will cut into pieces to generate a puzzle (recommended dimensions: 700 pixels wide, otherwise the image will be downscaled to fit our format)
  • a viral image to share the game on social media channels (optional, 1200x627 pixels)

Steps to create a puzzle in Qualifio

  • Upload an image from your computer or enter an image URL.


  • Set the difficulty level by choosing the number of pieces (9 or 16).


  • Decide whether you want to show the “Skip” button (by clicking on “Skip”, the participant will be able to move to the next step without finishing the puzzle).
  • Save your puzzle.
  • In the Time options tab, choose the display of the timer (stopwatch, sand timer or progress bar) as well as the maximum time allotted to solve the game.
  • In the Other options tab, you will be able to adjust puzzle settings like
    • showing the finished puzzle before mixing up the pieces,
    • showing the number of clicks,
    • allowing the participant to start over.
  • In the Exit step, type the message your participants will see as they finish the campaign.
  • In the Look & feel step, you can customise the design of your campaign and do things like upload a background image.
  • Embed your puzzle on your blog or website or share its minisite link in a marketing email and on social media.

The smart puzzle anti-cheat assistant

When the system detects a cheat during participation (i.e. solving a 9-piece puzzle in less than 5 moves or a 16-piece puzzle in less than 8 moves), it will show it in the campaign statistics to help you enforce the contest rules.


This acts as a “cheat alarm” and tells you that you shouldn’t take these participations into account when selecting winners.

In case of any questions or doubts, contact our Support Team.

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