Minisite vs landing page: What’s the difference?

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At first glance, the difference between a minisite and a landing page might not be particularly obvious. However, they have some significant differences. Today, we're going to compare minisites and landing pages, so you can make the decision between both options.

Defining the minisite

A minisite is like a miniature website that's dedicated to a certain campaign. It doesn't have as much functionality or options as a typical website, but it definitely has more than a landing page.

In Qualifio, it is treated as a campaign's possible publication channel. For instance, you might build a minisite to target an audience with your new quiz in order to educate and entertain them on a specific topic, and you might publish that quiz on a dedicated minisite. 

The pros of using a minisite include:

  • A specific URL just for your minisite means it can be used more effectively in radio, TV or offline advertising.
  • Minisites can feature a navigation system and direct users to a few pages (max. 5), such as a contact page, a link to your primary website, or information to support your main idea.
  • Minisites are excellent for experimenting with new ideas regarding your online presence (e.g. play around with new content types) – without putting your primary brand at risk.
  • Minisites can help drive traffic to your main website.
  • They are also more SEO-friendly: they include meta tags to allow the page to be indexed by Google.

Defining the landing page

While landing pages can differ in their appearance, they're usually designed for conversion, e.g. subscribe to a newsletter, buy a product, click on a CTA or sign up to receive product samples. In Qualifio, landing pages are considered a campaign type, which means that they can be published on multiple channels. But they aren't particularly interactive.

The benefits of a landing page include:

  • Landing pages are fairly quick to set up. For instance, you don't have to think about the navigation system and most landing pages are hosted on your existing domain.
  • Landing pages can be deployed as iframes, within mobile apps... and on minisites.

Using landing pages with minisites

When it comes to selecting a landing page vs. minisite, there are a lot of different factors to consider, including the nature of your campaign.

Just remember that, in Qualifio, the main difference is that a landing page is a campaign type, while a minisite is a type of publication channel. This means you could even launch a landing page on a minisite – if you're looking to get creative with your branding or deliver a distraction-free, interactive experience for your audience.


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