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Qualifio has a separate field for the country names. Participants can select their country using a drop-down menu. By default, the system uses two-letter country codes (ISO 2/alpha-2, e.g. BE for Belgium) as values. However, three-letter country codes (ISO 3/alpha-3, e.g. BEL for Belgium) can be used instead of the default option.

If you want to add such a field to your form so that these codes can be pushed to your systems and stored in your database, follow the steps below.

To start with, go to Settings > Variables and create a new SSO variable or mapping variable.


  1. Go to Documents > Forms > Create a new form or go to the edition of an existing form.
  2. Add a new drop-down list to your form.
  3. Set the name of your new field, e.g. 'Country'.
  4. Assign the variable you just created:
  5. Click Save, then go back to that form field you just saved.
  6. The possible answers must now be added. If you have a long list of countries, you may click Bulk import answers. Pay close attention to the instructions provided to make sure your import is successful.
  7. After you are done, save the form and click on the Preview option in the top right corner. It will open a new tab with your form's preview.

Understand the CSV template

Download our CSV template with the whole list of countries at the bottom of this page to successfully add ISO 3 country codes in bulk. Upload only the countries that should be available in the drop-down list. Your CSV template might look like this example:


Make sure a value is assigned to each answer.

This results in a new Country field with ISO 3-digit country codes assigned as values:


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