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Facebook’s policy requires you to verify your domain inside the Business Manager? Learn how Qualifio can help you to verify your domain.

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What is domain verification?

Domain verification is the process of “proving” to Facebook that a website (more specifically, a domain) is yours.

With domain verification, a bit of code gets added to your Qualifio website, which Facebook will search for in order to verify it on their side.

So, how do you verify your domain? Let’s walk through the details…

How to set up domain verification

Facebook has a great tutorial that can help you get started, but you should use our “how-to” guide below for steps that are specific to Qualifio.

Step 1: Add your Qualifio domain to Facebook Business Manager

Adding your Qualifio domain to your Business Manager is a simple process you can do inside Facebook:

  1. Log in to your Business Manager.
  2. Go to Settings > Business Settings > Brand Safety > Domains.
  3. Click on the Add button and add the domain you want to verify in the pop-up.


Note: Typically, your Qualifio website URL has this format: “” – unless you publish your campaigns to your custom domain.

Step 2: Add the verification file to your Qualifio website

You will see three verification options – DNS verification, HTML file upload and Meta-tag verification. In Qualifio, we help you verify your domain by uploading an HTML file to your site.

  1. Click on HTML File Upload.
  2. Download the HTML verification file.
  3. Sign in to Qualifio.
  4. Go to your website’s settings (Settings > Websites), and open the Facebook tab.
  5. Simply copy the name of the verification file Facebook provided (without the .html extension) and paste it into the Domain verification field and save.


📝 Keep the verification file name in your website’s settings as Facebook may check it periodically for verification purposes.

PS: If you need more specific help with how domain verification will work with Qualifio, you should contact our Helpdesk!

Step 3: Verify your domain

Once you’ve done this, you need to go back inside your Business Manager and

  1. confirm that it's done by visiting the link provided by Facebook (step 3),
  2. then click the green Verify button.


You should now see a confirmation that your domain is verified in Facebook Business Manager!


📝 You’ll notice that the status will change as Verified (with a green dot) once this has been completed. Note that it typically only takes a few minutes to occur, but in some cases, the process may take up to 48 hours.

Step 4: Assign pages to your domain

Finally, once your domain is verified, you will have the ability to associate your Facebook page with your verified domain by clicking Add Assets:


Step 5: You're done!

Congratulations! 😉

📝 Please note, we know that Facebook’s policy and processes are always changing, so here’s the original post from Facebook providing details.
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