Questions randomisation: Can I display questions in random order? (Yes!)

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Sometimes you need to display your questions randomly. One of the perks of questions randomisation is that it makes quizzes less predictable and allows participants re-participating to get a different sequence each time. With question randomisation, you can do just that.

Setting up question randomisation

1. Click Questions in any campaign you'd like to randomise and set up the entire questionnaire with all the questions.


2. Scroll down and select Presentation of the questions.


3. Here you can select the randomisation option you would like to use. There are 3 main randomisation options:

  • No randomisation: Display your questions in the order they appear in your campaign editor. → From the drop-down menu, select "ordered" on "all questions".
  • Display all the questions in a random order: Present all of the questions in the questionnaire in random order. → Select "random" on "all questions".
  • Display only a set number of questions from a larger 'pool': Specify the number of choices (out of the total) to have (randomly or ordered) displayed in the campaign. → Select "odered" or "random" on "X questions" (from the total number of questions). For instance, you could choose to randomly display 1 question from your questionnaire. Respondents will randomly be shown a random question picked out of your questionnaire.

Pro Tips:

  • Question randomisation doesn't work with branching logic!
  • Random display of answers is not available (yet) in Qualifio.

4. Click Save.

Can I control the probability of the questions to be randomly displayed?

No. Qualifio uses a complex algorithm that randomly displays questions from your list. Thus, we cannot control which questions are displayed.

However, we keep track of questions that are displayed. When viewing or exporting your campaign statistics, you will be able to see which participants answered question 1, for instance.

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