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This guide provides an overview of how members can earn points. Follow the steps below to learn how to create and manage earning rules, add point multipliers, set up eligibility criteria, and even exclude certain members.

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By offering loyalty points as an incentive, you can turn visitors into active buyers. In Qualifio Loyalty, you can choose which exact actions to reward within your loyalty program. Members accumulate points by interacting with your brand and completing those actions.

But have you ever wondered how Qualifio knows exactly how many points should be allocated to each program member? Well, earning rules are the key here. Earning rules are how your members earn points for completing specific actions like signing up, making purchases, or interacting with your brand on social media.

Let's take an example. For one participation in a quiz or contest made with Qualifio Engage, you could set up several rules so that:

  • a member who takes part in your contest gets 100 points,
  • for each correct answer, they get an additional 50 points,
  • and, the icing on the cake: if they sign up for your newsletter, they get an extra 200 points.

For that scenario, you’d have to create three rules in your loyalty program…

So, how to set up the earning rules?

To create a new earning rule:

  • Choose Earning rules in the top bar and click Create rule.
  • Enter the name of the rule that will be displayed in the back office.


Tip: The “Earning rules” menu lists all earning rules within your loyalty program. You can duplicate or delete a rule by clicking on the appropriate icon on the right. There is no limit to the number of earning rules in a single loyalty program.

What are the ways to earn points in Qualifio Loyalty?

In the Trigger section, you can set the trigger source and action. Depending on the source chosen, available actions will vary.

  • Source – select the platform where the action takes place, e.g. “Qualifio Engage”.
  • Action – select the action that will trigger the earning rule, e.g. “Campaign participation”.


! Note
When the members already have created an account, you cannot reward them for past actions. This means that your old customers who may have already done the actions before enrolling in your program won’t get the points, but you can always choose to manually reward them in the Members section.
  • Qualifio Loyalty – the action relates to Qualifio Loyalty.
    • Profile creation rewards members for loyalty account creation.
    • Birthday gives members a special gift for their birthday. A member can change their birthday. We, therefore, suggest you apply a 365-day cool-off period so that, if the member already received points within a year, they will not receive them again after changing the date. 
    • Portal visit rewards members when they log into the portal.
    • Level change rewards members when they reach a new level/tier.
  • Qualifio Engage – the action relates to Qualifio Engage.
    • Campaign participation rewards actions completed in Qualifio campaigns such as members leaving more information about themselves, reaching a certain score or signing up for a newsletter.
  • Ecommerce – the action relates to your online point of sale (POS).
    • Purchase rewards members for purchases.
  • Referral – reward members who actively promote your brand and refer others to purchase your products. You can find precise step-by-step instructions on how to launch a referral program here.
  • Custom (binary)Basic – if you feel like adding more actions to reward, you may create custom binary triggers. Binary triggers may be used to reward interactions that feature two modes: yes/no or true/false. This can be a newsletter signup, notification permission, a product review, watching a video, downloading your app, visiting your website, etc.
Tip: Incoming events are a more advanced option that allows you to reward custom actions. It could be the writing of a product review, the sending of an email to your support team – whatever you want, really. This page explains how to use custom events to reward members.

Use eligibility criteria

Then you’ll see a wizard with advanced options called “criteria”. The general idea is that you can set conditions (or "criteria") under which members can earn points for their actions. There are two types of criteria:

  • Event criteria depend on the trigger of the event (e.g. criterion “Campaign ID” will only be available if you select “Qualifio Engage – Campaign” as the event, “Basket total” if you select “E-commerce – Purchase”, etc.).
  • Profile criteria specify groups of members for which the rule will be used (for example, Gold members). Profile criteria allow you to target and/or exclude specific customer segments. Read more about custom attributes here.

You can further refine your criteria thanks to the logical operators And, Or and Not.

  • The “And” operator links criteria together and makes them indivisible.
  • The “Or” operator separates criteria so that they can be met individually.
  • The “Not” operator excludes the earning of points when specific criteria are met.


To help you keep it clean and tidy, you can also add “groups of criteria”. Groups allow you to create a set of criteria (which can themselves be organised thanks to operators). For example, members could receive loyalty points for

  • orders over €150 (excluding VAT)
  • orders of at least 5 items And if they live in Athens.


Stop triggering other rules

This option allows you to set a rule as the last one in case there is more than one earning rule to be applied. It will stop any further rules according to the order you defined. It is described precisely in this guide.

Limit triggering per member

If needed, you can limit how many times members could be rewarded for the same interaction within a specified period of time. Mark Limit triggering active to limit repeatability.

Options include:

  • Forever: this limit is set once and for all (i.e. a member can be rewarded a total of 10 times for this rule, regardless of the time frame).
  • Every 24 hours, or every 7, 30 or 365 days: these limits are set based on a rolling time period (e.g. 7 days from the date of the first event).
  • Every day, week, month or year: these limits are set based on true calendar limits (e.g. weekly, starting on Monday at midnight).

Assign an earning (points value)

In the Earnings tab, you can define how many points are earned for the action. You have two options:

  • Fixed amount of earned points: members will get an exact amount of points (e.g. 500) if they meet the related criteria.
  • Multiplied amount of earned points: members will get a variable amount of points. The number of points will vary depending on two elements:
    • The first box is used to define a variable, such as the amount, shipping costs, product, basket total, etc.
    • The second box lets you choose a multiplier, which will increase or decrease the initial number of earned points.

Example of a variable earning calculation:
For each euro in the basket total, members get 2 points, so a member who spends €50 will earn 100 points.


Add a description

You can write a description that will be displayed on the member portal.


If you are using Qualifio Loyalty’s multi-language feature, you can add a description for each language.


When logged in, your members might also see their loyalty point balance, rewards that can be redeemed with said points, and more. Learn more about setting up your member portal with Qualifio Loyalty.

Hope it was clear :) If not, please contact us and we’ll gladly help you with your requests and questions.

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