Test your referral program before launch

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Before you launch your referral program, it’s a good idea to test everything and make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting well together. This article will walk you through doing a test referral from beginning to end – just follow the steps below.

How does it work?

The Qualifio Loyalty referral program was built to help you convert your loyal customers into brand ambassadors, by encouraging them to bring new customers to your online store.

The program will allow your members to refer their friends to your store (incentivising them to purchase by providing a discount). Once the referred party creates a purchase from your store, the referrer will be rewarded as well, creating a win-win situation.

Each member has a unique referral link or code that they can share with their friends. Members can find their link or code in the referral widget. Learn more here.

How can I test out the referral program?

Important note before you begin testing: Choose two email addresses you want to use for this step, as you will need to have two different test members. Here on, we will refer to both sides as “referrer” (the brand advocate who refers another person) and “referee” (the friend who is invited to the referral) respectively.

Tip: If you don’t have another email address to use, you can add a +1 before the @ sign of your email address and it will act as a new address. For example – you logged in as the referrer using lorna@template.com and you don’t have another email address to test, so you use lorna+1@template.com to log in as the referee.

Now, let’s make sure everything is working fine by doing a test referral.

Step 1: Grab your referral link or code

  1. Log in to your member portal as the referrer test member.
  2. Copy your referral link or code.
  3. Share it with a colleague or yourself.

If it doesn’t appear on your member portal, you have to configure the referral widget:


Step 2: Perform a test purchase

The next step is to trigger a referral as the referee.

The referral is based on e-commerce purchases, so you’ll need to make a test purchase via the referral link or by using the referral code at checkout.

⚠️ Please make sure that you are using a different email address for the referee and that the purchase meets the requirements you might have set in the earning rules. It is possible to limit the referral to purchases over a certain amount, of specific products or in specific currencies, etc. To do so, head to the earning rules you set up for your referral program. There you can add criteria that need to be met in order for the referral to work. Criteria include total amount of the order, product names and IDs, and more.

Once you complete that, there’s one last step…

Step 3: Check that the referral has been successfully tracked

Let’s head back to Qualifio and run a few checks to make sure everything’s tracked as it should.

Wait 1-2 minutes, then check that the referrer and/or the referee received referral points as expected. If the referral was tracked correctly, you’ll be able to see that they have been credited with a referral. You can check that either within the currency widget on the member portal or via the members’ balances in the CRM of your program.

If that is not the case, check your earning rules are set up correctly. Did you create the required earning rules in Qualifio for a referral?

To reward the referrer:


To reward the referee:


Once you receive the points, the referral flow is complete and you’re ready to launch your referral program! 🎉

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