What is a Qualifio organisation?

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This user guide defines key concepts for Qualifio organisations and explains how to manage an organisation.

At a glance: A Qualifio organisation enables you to combine multiple Qualifio accounts that you can centrally manage to better meet the needs of your business. As an owner of an organisation, you can invite staff to join and map campaigns and programs to each other.


What information do I have access to about my organisation?

  • Owners can change the name of the organisation.
  • They also have access to a list of all the accounts in the organisation.
  • To create a new account in the organisation, contact your Customer Success Manager or Qualifio Support.

How do I invite staff to my organisation?

Note: This is for Owner and Admin users only. Learn more about creating users.

  1. Log into Qualifio.
  2. Click on the Organisation menu on the left.
  3. In the Users section, click + Create a new user.
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  4. Enter the name, email address, etc. of the person you wish to invite.
  5. Click Save.

How do I manage my organisation ownership?

What does being an owner of an organisation mean?

An owner is a user who controls the setup of an organisation in Qualifio. They can manage everything at the organisation level. Learn more about this role.

Assigning the Organisation Owner role

Your Customer Success Manager configures the first owner of your organisation according to your needs. From there, you can extend ownership of the organisation and assign this role to existing users by following these steps:

  1. Open the Organisation menu, and go to Users.
  2. Click on the existing user you want to assign the Owner role to and select the Organisation tab.
  3. Click on the + Add role button.
  4. Use the dropdown to select for which organisation the user is assigned the Owner role.
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  5. Click Save when finished.

Structure your organisation

Tip: the Structure tab is only accessible if the organisation includes at least one Engage account and one Loyalty account.

Some Qualifio customers have more than one account, for example, to keep different business units, markets or brands completely separate. However, having multiple accounts comes with its own set of limitations. Specifically, each account is a standalone entity. This means that there is currently no cross-account reporting. It also means that campaigns, content and multimedia files cannot be shared between accounts at the moment.

However, one thing you can do is manage the structure of your organisation using links, so that users can access and work with the data they need in appropriate ways. An organisation-level link defines the relationship between the following components:

  • accounts,
  • websites,
  • and programs.

Default rule vs. custom links

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Initially, with the default rule enabled, all data is available to all accounts. As soon as you have created a custom organisation-level link, only the data from the selected components will be shared. For example, campaigns published to the website A can share participation data with program B.

In the example below, when creating an earning rule for your "Toppp Rewards Program" in Loyalty, it will limit the number of available values for various Engage-related criteria, such as campaigns, opt-ins or variables. Users will only be able to choose from relevant values related to the "Toppp" website.

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Thus, defining an organisational structure not only provides a better overview of complex organisations. It also affects the selections you have when selecting items, making it easier for individual users to make selections from various menus and enabling them to work faster.

To create organisation-level links:

  1. In the Setup, click Structure.
  2. Click + Create a new link.
  3. In the dialogue, select the components and click Save.


  • If the custom links table is empty and the default rule is not enabled, no data will be shared between Engage and Loyalty.
  • If you add new websites/subdomains or programs, they will not be automatically included in the organisation-level links – unless you selected "All". This means you must update the organisational structure manually.
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