6 types of emails you can send with Qualifio

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Qualifio allows you to set up and send communications via email to participants. Add personalised variables and customise the email with images.

Types of emails that can be sent from Qualifio:

Create emails to be sent to the campaign participants

Automate emails to be sent to a specific email address or to all participants, once their registration has taken place.

Where to find it?

Go to the "Exit" step > Send an email message.


Note: You can insert the name of the prize in the email using the {myGift} dynamic variable.

In instant win campaigns (including jackpots and wheels of fortune), you can only send an email notification to winners. It is not possible to do so for non-winners.

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Segmented emails

Send your email only to some of your participants, based on their answer to a specific question.

These emails are conditional to the use of radio buttons or checkboxes. Other types of questions currently do not support segmented emails.

Where to find it?

Go to the "Questions" step. Select an answer and click on "email".


Don't forget to enable this option by selecting "Yes".

Verification emails

Send and customise an email that will be sent automatically to all participants so that they can verify their email addresses. This will help you obtain a quality database. It will also allow you to validate their participation in your campaign or contest.

Where to find it?

Go to the "Settings" step > Limits > Email verification.


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Invitation emails

Participants can invite their friends to take part in your campaign.

Where to find it?

To enable this advanced feature in Qualifio, go to Settings > Advanced Features and set it to ON.

When invitation emails are enabled, you will have access to this feature in the Virality step:


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Email to contest winners

Your contest has just wrapped up and it's time to notify the winners? You can do this through email.

Where to find it?

Go to the Stats of your campaign > Detailed report > Winners tab. You'll be able to send the email once you have selected the winners.


The statistics on your email sent to the winners can be found in the Email Stats category of the menu.


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Welcome email for new subscribers

Connect with new subscribers and encourage them to interact with your product or service.

Where to find it?

Go to the Opt-Ins > Opt-in campaign management > Your opt-in > Email tab.


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