How can I create an instant win campaign?

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Create an instant win campaign easily to engage your audience with Qualifio. Personalise the graphics of your instant win to create a professional look and feel and customise the prizes to be won. Your campaign will work via a link or embed code, on smartphones, tablets and computers.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Create the campaign
  3. Configure the prizes
  4. Include a registration form
  5. Set confirmation messages for winners and non-winners
  6. Send email notifications to winners (optional)
  7. Finish the settings of the campaign
  8. Customise the design
  9. Other specifications
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Instant wins are quick-play campaigns in which participants can instantly win a prize. Once they have completed the registration form, they know immediately whether they have won or not. In this way, the selection of winners is automatic.

As instant wins are fast and encourage participation with a prize incentive, they’re a great way to increase awareness of your brand or products, or to gather data.

Qualifio currently offers three different types of "instant win" campaign:

What will the participation flow be like?

The campaign is made up of different steps:

  1. the initial welcome screen,
  2. the registration form, where the participant will register with their data,
  3. the final exit screen, where they discover if they have won a prize or not.

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Create the campaign

How to start creating an instant win? First, you must create a new campaign and choose the classic instant win format.

Configure the prizes

After completing the first steps of your campaign, go to the Prizes step.

Capture d’écran, le 2023-12-04 à 18.40.36.png

To add and configure your prizes, click on the "Create a prize" button and follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the information for each prize: you can customise the title, the image, the description, and an external link.
    Capture d’écran, le 2023-12-04 à 18.42.17.png
  2. You can display unique codes as rewards.
  3. For each prize, enter a maximum number of units (if not unlimited).
  4. Finally, you must choose how to allocate each prize. When you do so, new configuration options will be displayed after you click on the "Create" button.
    • Via the prize calendar, you get to pick the winning moments for each prize before the contest begins. Then, Qualifio automatically picks winners based on their participation time. It works like this: the first person to enter the contest after the winning time has passed will receive the prize.
    • With the winning probabilities, you set the odds of winning and Qualifio automatically awards different prizes based on the odds you set. The “probability instant win” format allows each and every participant to win, depending on the win/lose ratio you choose. You can read much more about that here.
    • Finally, it is also possible to award a unique prize to each participant via a secure token, based on their previous interactions with your brand and their specific status in your applications.
Mixed method approach: a contest that awards instant prizes can combine various prize allocation mechanisms. The priority will be given to the calendar (is a prize available at participation time?), then to the probabilities (if not, we roll a dice). The same prize cannot be allocated via multiple methods.
Note: Drawing winners is not supported for instant win campaigns.

Include a registration form

Next, add a form to your campaign. To get started, participants will need to enter their contact information (email address, phone number… anything you want to ask them!).

Set confirmation messages for winners and non-winners

In an instant win campaign, it is important to immediately let participants know if they won or not. For this, you need to create two different confirmation messages in the final screen, one for the winners and one for the non-winners.

  1. Choose the campaign you want and click on Exit step > Exit screen.
  2. Enter content in the winning screen (for winners) and in the losing screen (for non-winners).

Below, you can see an example of the final screen that will be shown to the winners:

Capture d’écran, le 2023-12-04 à 18.57.19.png

Use the prize information variables, such as {prize} and {prize.image}, in the confirmation message for winners by clicking { } Dynamic variables. Optionally, you can include the same variables in an email notification.

But in an instant win competition, there’s often the chance that a participant will complete registration and not win a prize. These participants are taken to a page which thanks them for participating.

Here you can see how a non-winners message is displayed:

Capture d’écran, le 2023-12-04 à 18.54.00.png

You can customise that thank you page with a special message for non-winners. It’s the perfect place to add a call to action or maybe offer a discount to this specific audience. Show them that their participation is valued, and encourage them to try their luck again!

Send email notifications to winners (optional)

Optionally you can also send email notifications to winners immediately after participation.

  1. Choose the campaign you want and click on Exit step > Send an email to the winners.
  2. Add a sender name and a reply-to address.
  3. Customise the email message. You can include text, images, or HTML.
Note: The email will only be sent to the winning participants. Email notifications are not supported for non-winners.

Finish the settings of the campaign

Next, you can configure the participation limits and introduce the legal bases. To do this, first, access the "Settings" step. Then you will find the following configuration tabs:

Capture d’écran, le 2023-12-06 à 11.10.23.png

Learn how the individual and collective participation limits work in this tutorial.
Check the tutorial to set up contest rules.

Customise the design

Once you have configured the instant win campaign, the next step is to customise the design template with your own colours and fonts. Navigate to "Look & feel", then click "Change campaign look & feel".

Other specifications

How do I remove a test win and put a prize back into play?

If for any reason you need to delete a winner and put the prize back into play (for instance, if they were a cheater or if you’ve won over a test participation), simply delete the winner’s participation. This can be done simply from the campaign statistics. Reschedule the prize and you’re done!

I want to limit the number of prizes per person, is this possible?

Yes. By default, we already restrict each participant to one prize won. This limitation is based on an email address. It can be disabled by selecting the option A participant can win multiple prizes in the Settings step > Limits.

This is also where you can manage the option of whether or not to display the "Play again" button at the end of the game, if you want to allow non-winners to try again, for instance.

Is it possible for all participants to win?

Yes. Please see our article on "everyone’s a winner" contests.

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