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Create your Qualifio campaign, publish it on your digital channels and start collecting qualified data in Actito. This guide will lead you through the process of Actito integration setup.

Why should you connect to Actito?

Here's how our joint clients can benefit from the integration.

As a marketer, you want to ensure that every tool you’re using has an essential function and can work well with others. Qualifio is all about collecting data and sharing that data with the software platforms you already use.

The connector between Qualifio and Actito allows you to seamlessly push participants’ data to Actito and leverage it to create personalised marketing scenarios.

The end result: you can flow data to Actito and trigger automated interactions (such as emails or SMS text messages) every time a new lead meets your criteria.

Integration requirements

In the case of native integration with Actito, some conditions must be met:

  • You must have an Actito account and a Qualifio account.
  • You must have one Actito form per database.
  • You must use the email address as the primary key to identify each contact.

Speak to Actito’s Customer Success team to check if these requirements can be set up for you.

Integrate Actito with Qualifio

You can choose to integrate Actito with Qualifio immediately when implementing Qualifio or later, at any moment of your Qualifio journey.

Regardless of the moment, the setup process is simple — just follow the one-time instructions below.


Please contact your Actito Customer Success Manager to configure the form that will be used when collecting data in Qualifio and indicate the required fields. 

Important! This action item is required to initiate the Actito / Qualifio integration. Without it, you will not be able to recover your data collected with Qualifio within Actito.

Step 1: Enable the Actito integration

Simply visit the Integrations & partners page in your Qualifio account and toggle the Actito integration on:


Step 2: Set up the integration to connect your Actito account

Upon selecting Configure, you’ll be able to configure your Actito integration. To do so, you’ll need to copy the unique API key that’s available from Actito’s “Manage API users” page and paste it into the API key field in Qualifio.



Then, enter the following integration info:

  • Enter the endpoint get token. It is your Actito API domain, minus the version number, plus “auth/token”. For instance, if your API domain is, your endpoint is
  • Enter the endpoint upsert interaction to post participant data. This one is also made of your API domain, plus "/entity/{entity}/form/{form}/interaction". So, if your API domain is, your endpoint is{entity}/form/{form}/interaction.
  • Enter the entity name and form name, which you can find in Actito, under “Manage forms and pages”.

When complete, click Save.

If you have any questions not covered in this section that are specific to Actito, please contact Actito for additional assistance.

✅ Tip
If you have several forms in your Actito account, each of them can be linked to a specific website in Qualifio. Your Qualifio Customer Success Manager can ensure the right option is activated in your account based on your desired behaviour.

Step 3: Prepare your field mapping for the data integration

Some of the form fields and campaign data are matched up automatically.

For full details of all Qualifio data automatically sent to Actito, use our Google Sheet:

Get data mapping

💡 Pro tips:

  • Use an input mask to make sure that people enter correctly formatted phone numbers into the phone number field. You can accomplish this by using a mask such as +32 999 999 999 for the Belgian phone format.
  • For the gender field, don’t forget to set the correct values (“M” and “F”).

If these fields are not set up the right way, the integration will not work correctly and your participant’s data won’t be passed to Actito.

Additionally, you can choose to pass extra details to Actito:

Custom form fields and questions (up to 15)

You can choose which form fields and questions get sent to Actito. If you want to send a form field or a question to Actito, make sure you assign it a mapping variable whose technical name starts with actito_

👉🏼 About mapping variables


Opt-ins (up to 20)

If you want to send an opt-in to Actito, make sure you assign it a mapping variable whose technical name starts with optin_

👉🏼 About mapping variables


Step 4: Add your push rules

Once you’ve enabled and set up the Actito integration, you’ll have the power of leveraging your Qualifio form data for targeting/triggering Actito automations.

You will see this connector appear automatically in Settings > Push rules screen. You will be able to activate the integration at the account, website, Master Form or campaign level to create your rules.


Step 5: Verify that everything works correctly

  1. Create an identified campaign to test.
  2. If needed, use Push rules to enable the Actito integration in that campaign.
  3. Create test participations.
  4. Check your test participations in Actito.
✅ Tip
To search and find test participations in Actito, in Manage forms and pages, click on View participations and filter by email address.


🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

Using Qualifio, can I create a custom Actito integration workflow?

Qualifio Bronze and Silver accounts allow you to connect apps in a generic way. However, with a Gold or Platinum account, we can build more complicated connectors to suit your organisation’s needs.

Are you interested in a custom Qualifio and Actito integration? Let’s talk.

I have questions about using Qualifio with Actito.

Contact us, our dedicated team is here to help!

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