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About exporting participation data
Exporting participation data from a campaign
Exporting participation data from one or more campaigns
Managing export requests
Understanding the format of exported data
Common error statuses

About exporting participation data

Export participation data from Qualifio and save it to your computer for further analysis, to share the file with your team, or even to later plug it into an external application.

Exporting participation data from a campaign

Tip: For more information about exporting data from a campaign, please visit the Export data page.

Exporting participation data from one or more campaigns

You can export participations originating from different campaigns into a single file. To do so, head to the CRM tab and choose Participation export.


You can also follow this quick link to the Participation export page.

Attention: If the option is missing in your account, it may be due to the fact that you are not allowed to export this data. Only Admins can export participation data from the CRM.

As you’re getting to the page to export your data, you’ll see a data export wizard with advanced options called “criteria”. The general idea is that you can filter your data by a number of different criteria, which are combined with the logical operators AND, OR and NOT.

Watch the video walk-through:

How campaign criteria work

To start selecting campaigns based on specific criteria, use Add a criterion under “Select your campaigns”.

What can I filter by?

The following criteria are available to help you select the campaigns you want to export data from:

  • Campaign website: use the website filter if you want to export the participations that happened on a specific website.
  • Campaign title: use this filter to export participations only from specific campaigns.
  • Campaign language: choose to export participations from campaigns in one or more languages.
  • Campaign status: filter participations by the current campaign status in Qualifio (ON or OFF).


Tip: Select Campaign language is Any language if you would like to export participations from all the campaigns you created. Select the logical operator NOT if you would like to select all the campaigns except those matching your criteria.

Then, click Continue to next step.

Apply filters to your data

Under “Filter your data”, filter criteria allow you to break down your campaign data and focus on specific participations inside your desired campaigns. Add filter criteria to limit the number of participations (rows) to export.

What can I filter by?

Four criteria are supported as filters to decide which participations you’d like to export:

  • Opt-in: export only the participations where the participant has opted in for, say, marketing emails. You can filter based on an opt-in name or ID, and based on whether the participant has opted in (1) or not (0).
  • Participation date: export data from a certain date. Use “less” (before), “greater” (after) and “between” to filter data in a particular date interval.
  • Mapping variable: export participations with a specific answer.
🚧 Important: It is not possible for an export to use filter criteria from a field that has no variable assigned.
  • Thematic: thematic filtering allows you to only export participations from campaigns with a certain thematic applied.

Click Continue to next step to see file options, or Save criteria as template to save your custom filters for later.

Set up your file settings

In the “File settings” section you can adjust additional settings:

  • Export name: This is the internal display name of your export, which will be included in the notifications. It’s recommended to use an export name that says something, so that you can easily identify it in your list of exports later on.
  • Data mapping template: A data mapping template lets you indicate the information you want in your file, so that when it is exported and imported it maps to the correct fields outside of Qualifio. You can export using the default mapping template named “participation”.
📘 Information: To get a new, custom data mapping template uploaded to your account, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to the Support Team. Every data mapping template might have an associated cost. Once created, you will be able to reuse the template as many times as you want.
  • File name: Enter a name for the file generated by this export. Click the Variable icon { } on the right to insert today’s date.
  • File format: Data can be exported in CSV or XLSX format.
  • Password: Set a password to protect your exported data. Using password protection lets you restrict access to personal data.


Select as desired. Then, click Confirm export.

You have confirmed the export and you can now relax. We’ll email you when your export is ready for download. You can then download it from the CRM > Export requests screen.

🚧 Important: If you do not specify all of the settings above, the wizard won’t allow you to go through. The confirm button is disabled (greyed out and unusable) until all the settings are complete.

Managing export requests

The next step is to download the filtered and exported results. You’ll receive an email when the export file is ready to download. Open the email and click Download file to access your account’s Export requests page.

The previous history of exports remains available for admins in the export requests in the CRM area.

📘 Note: For security purposes, this file will be available to download 5 days after the export request occurs. For example, if your export was requested on January 1 at 6:00 PM, the file will be available to download until January 6 at 6:00 PM. After that time, you will need to request the export again.

Understanding the format of exported data

So, now you got the file! The spreadsheet will include every participation that matches the filters selected. Each row of the export file is a different participation, and each column is a piece of data such as a question the participant answered, campaign metadata (e.g. participation date or IP address), form fields, score, unique code, prize, etc.

📘 Note: If you look at a specific question in your file, you will notice that we provide the ID to uniquely identify that question within the column heading “123456/Question text”. This is useful if you need to consolidate data and map it to your system.

Common error statuses

Sometimes it may happen that you encounter an error and/or that we were not able to extract the file properly. Below we introduce the most common ones:

  • If no participation matches the filters you might have selected, “No data found” is written. It is not an error per se, but rather an indicator that Qualifio does not have data matching your criteria. You can click the Summary button to preview what selection of data you have made.
  • The error message “Export failed” is displayed when an unexpected error occurs. Sometimes this error is caused by a lost connection to the server during the request, a timeout due to large exports, or an internal error (service unavailable). If the issue persists, we’re here to help!


What is the format of the export?

Currently, the available file types are CSV and XLSX.

Who can export participation data?

Only Admins can export participation data from the CRM. Marketers and Editors do not have access to participation exports.

For more information, check out User roles.

What other exports are available?

There are a couple of other places within the Qualifio platform where you’ll see the option to export data. Follow this link to learn more!

How far back in time can I export data?

When we launched our Participation exports in October 2021, we retrieved data up to the first day of that month. You can thus export all of your account’s data up to October 1, 2021.

Participation export availability also matches the data retention length that your DPO set up via the GDPR Toolbox. This means that if your account is configured for 2 months of data retention, you will be able to export data for participations that are up to two months old. It is important to note that once participations are deleted, they are truly not recoverable.

Can attachments and images be exported from the CRM?

Attachments are not included in the exports, so you can’t have the images displayed in Excel. However, you can see an attachment URL when you export a list of participations. The simplest option is to download individual files.

Can I enable automated exports to help maintain regular backups of my data?

Not currently. We agree that having the option to automate data exports would be a great addition to our product. Feel free to submit this as a feature request though.

Why is my data export taking a long time?

Participation exports are generated “on-demand”, meaning the data in the file are fetched directly from our servers at the time that the export is requested. The export process is usually complete within a few minutes, but because of the on-demand nature of the export, the delay can vary slightly depending on when the file is requested and its size. The export process can thus take some time, but you can leave the page and come back to it later – nothing will get lost.

How to deal with special characters in CSV?

Trying to read a CSV file that contains special characters and having problems with it? 😭

To fix this, remember that your CSV file must be UTF-8 encoded. It is the recommended file encoding so that special characters in your data can be read. However, whenever we generate a CSV file, Qualifio doesn’t automatically encode it as UTF-8. The solution is thus to convert your CSV file to UTF-8 in Microsoft Excel.

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