How to create a "gift guide" in Qualifio?

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What is a Gift Guide campaign?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... Try this campaign now


Creating a Gift Guide in Qualifio is possible based on the Personality Test with Branching format. You can make it an anonymous or an identified campaign.

1- Create your questions and answers


  1. Go to the Questions step of your campaign;
  2. Click on "Create a new question" and choose your question type;
  3. Enter your first question and the different answers;
  4. Reiterate for each question;
  5. Don't forget to select your branching options and assign a profile to the answer when necessary.

2- Complete your exit screens


Go to the Exit step of your campaign. Under Profiles of participants, you can set up the exit screen associated to each profile by adding a title, a picture, and a description. You can also choose to send an email after each participation.

3- Configure the Virality options

Encourage participants to share their profile on social media.

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