How to manage unique codes in the exit screen?

Sébastien Desprez -

Unique codes can be used as a reward in a campaign.

These unique codes can either be generated or imported in Qualifio Manager.

The unique codes lists are to be managed in Documents > Uniques codes management. This option allows you to:

  • Use a list of codes that lock the campaign;
  • Use a list of codes as a reservoir and give a code to each participant at the end of the campaign.

In the latter case, you will get a custom variable when adding and saving the list.

This variable can then be copied/pasted in the campaign, whether in the exit screen, in a screen giving a score, or at any other step of the game.

Examples of unique codes variables:

In this example, we chose to insert custom variables in the exit screen of our campaign:

  • 3 correct codes from the same list: {BURN:64}
  • 1 fictional code: {BURN:00}
  • 1 recap of the burned codes: {codesburned}

Which will be displayed as such:

To sum up:

  • Each {BURN:64} variable has been replaced by a unique code;
  • The {BURN:00} variable is not available because it currently does not match any existing list;
  • The {codesburned} variable shows all of the codes generated in the game.


If you display the codes in the exit screen of your campaign and also wish to send them by email, be sure to use the {codesburned} variable in your email.


If you do not display ANY code in the exit screen of your campaign, but still wish to send them by email, be sure to use the {BURN:64} variables in your email.


You can also use a code in the welcome screen of a campaign, but:

  1. The code will be burned immediately upon display;
  2. If the game isn’t played, the history won’t mention the burned code.
    You can thus use several lists of codes in one or more campaigns in order to distribute them based on the score, the dominant profile in a personality test*, or upon success of failure in an instant win, etc.

* (If the result has 2 profiles 50/50, only the first one in alphabetical order (profile A over B) will be display).

Beware: In an instant win campaign, you should make sure you have more available codes than prizes to be distributed.