Use unique codes as prizes in an instant win contest

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Reward selected participants with an immediate unique code for discounts or special deals. This article will walk you through attaching a unique code list to an instant win contest so that each winner gets a code from your list.

We have divided this tutorial into four steps:

  1. Generate the unique codes
  2. Create the instant win contest
  3. Distribute unique codes to all winners
  4. Restrict to one code per participant

Generate the unique codes

To start, upload or generate the codes on the platform (up to 1.5 million codes). They can be numeric, alphanumeric, include special characters, etc. You also have the option of indicating that each code should be used once only. Learn step-by-step how to create a code list.

Note: Remember to check the option “The code is given at the end of the campaign”.

Create the instant win contest

Create an “instant win”, “jackpot” or “wheel of fortune” campaign, which will allow you to distribute prizes immediately among your participants:


Go to Prizes and create the first prize.

Click Unique codes and select a code list to connect to this prize.


Please note: If the unique codes have not been generated, the option is not available.

Distribute unique codes to all winners

Deliver the code on screen instantly on the “exit” screen after the participation and/or automatically email the code to the winners.

a) Set up an automated winner message to display the code

The message to winners is configured in the Exit step from the Winning screen tab.

Add the dynamic variable {codesburned} and continue configuring the content to customise the message that will appear to the winners:


The message to non-winners is configured from the same page > Losing screen.

b) Set up an automated email to be sent to winners

Use the same dynamic variable to display the code in your email:


When a participant wins, they will receive the email with a unique code:


Restrict to one code per participant

By default, participants are limited to a single code. Go to the step Settings > Limits > Prize limit to check it out:


Check here all the limit options that you have available.


What is the maximum number of codes that the prize management system can handle?

When you run a contest, you can give as many prizes as you want – as long as each prize does not exceed 20,000 units.

Do you need to generate and distribute a large list of unique codes? The maximum number of codes that the system can generate per list is 1.5 million.

Say you need to distribute 70,000 unique codes. The “smart” way of doing this would be to:

  • either create an unlimited prize and set probabilities of winning,
  • or divide the 70,000 codes into four prizes of less than 20,000 units and link the same code list of each of the four prizes. You can choose the allocation method: prize calendar or winning probability.
Please note: if all the codes have been distributed but prize units are still available (e.g. you make a 20,000-unit prize and have a 19,000-code list), participants will be shown the losing screen but will still be marked as winners in the statistics – with no unique code linked to their participation. If you’d like to avoid any participant being shown the losing screen, you could cap the number of participations and participants.

Where can I see who won which code and when?

The code will be recorded in the Detailed report within your campaign statistics. Check out this tutorial article on how it works.


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