How to create a user-generated contest

Aurélien Berhin -

This type of campaign might need the creation of two campaign in Qualifio Manager:

  1. An upload campaign
  2. A vote Campaign

Why two different sorts of campaign?

Because you may want to create a contest with or without votes.

  • With votes: participants vote to elect the winner(s)
  • Without vote: you or the jury you selected elect the winner

As a consequence, if you want participants to vote for the best entry, you have to create two campaigns: one for uploading and one for voting.

Creating two campaigns brings more flexibility, you can have specific functionalities for Upload and Vote campaign:

  • different dates
  • different templates
  • different identification procedures
  • different emails sent at the end of the campaigns.

If the campaign is an upload without voting gallery, there is no need to create a voting campaign: an upload campaign with display of the gallery is enough.


  1. The upload is always identified, the vote can be identified or anonymous. 
  2. There are different mechanisms of votes: simple vote, rating system (stars for example) or positive/negative (top/flop). 
  3. The upload of the pictures or videos can be done on a smartphone. Therefore you need to use a responsive template and a square gallery.

What should I do to make sure my campaigns are linked together?

You do not need to do anything special. When you create your vote campaign, you automatically have to define which existing upload campaign it needs to be linked to. This is happening when you get to step 4. "Votes".

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