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Set the odds of winning and give participants a chance to win a prize instantly.

Instant wins are campaigns in which participants sign up and find out immediately if they’ve won. Instead of having to wait weeks or even months for a notification, participants are given instant results.

How are instant winners chosen?

Qualifio currently offers three different methods to allocate prizes in an instant win campaign:

  • Via the prize calendar, you get to pick the winning moments for each prize before the contest begins. Then, Qualifio automatically picks winners based on their participation time. It works like this: the first person to enter the contest after the winning time has passed will receive the prize.
  • With the winning probabilities, you set the odds of winning and Qualifio automatically awards different prizes based on the odds you set. The “probability instant win” format allows each and every participant to win, depending on the win/lose ratio you choose. You can read much more about that here.
  • Finally, it is also possible to award a unique prize to each participant via a secure token, based on their previous interactions with your brand and their specific status in your applications.
Mixed method approach: a contest that awards instant prizes can combine various prize allocation mechanisms. The priority will be given to the calendar (is a prize available at participation time?), then to the probabilities (if not, we roll a dice). The same prize cannot be allocated via multiple methods.
Note: Drawing winners is not supported for instant win campaigns.

Create prizes

  1. Choose or create the instant win campaign you want. Tip: Please ensure that you have as a minimum the email address to contact winners directly via email.
  2. From the Prizes step, click on the Create a first prize button.
  3. In the Number of units dropdown, select Limited to… and enter a number for the maximum of winners.
  4. Then, select Probability from the Allocation method dropdown.


(Alternatively, you can select Unlimited from the same dropdown. The Probability method will automatically be selected.)

Then, enter a percentage for the odds of winning:


Once you have created all your different prizes, the page provides all information on one easy-to-use screen:


You can add, edit, duplicate and delete prizes while your campaign is running.

Set probabilities of winning

Next, from the Probability tab, you’ll see a probability calculator. This calculator will add up the “odds of winning” for each prize into a total probability.

The total winning percentage does not necessarily have to be 100%. For instance, if the total is 25%, it means that each participant has 3 chances of losing and only 1 chance of winning a prize.


Now, suppose the total is 100%. This means that everyone wins! If a max number of winners/prize units has been set, after all the prize units have been won, the chance for a prize ends, but there’s always a possibility to take part in the campaign.

When you are happy with the way percentages are set, click Save. Please note the percentages aren’t automatically saved.

Set winner notifications

Set exit messages (for winners and non-winners) and optionally email notifications (for winners only).

For it to be a good experience for the winner, the correct prize should be displayed with a personalised message. This is why you can include the prize information as dynamic variables:


Set participation limits

Allow non-winners to try again after a configurable time period. In this article, we explain a lot more about this feature.

Winners can also try again after the configured time period if you enable the option.

Looking for an attention-grabbing contest?

Instant win contests also offer games to play to increase the fun. Popular instant win games include wheels of fortune (spinning wheels) and jackpots (virtual slot machines).

Explore how a French television channel collected over 1,500 new accounts with an instant win jackpot. Read the success story →


What is the basis for Qualifio's automatic prize allocation?

In probability theory, the law of large numbers says that, in the long run, events with the same likelihood of occurrence event out. More simply put, according to this principle, one’s chances of winning are no better as they keep playing. They can never be sure that they are going to win the game.

As you repeat the same process a large number of times (such as rolling a dice), the law of large number kicks in and you converge toward the desired probability. So, if a participant tries it enough times, or rather, if enough participants enter your contest, they reduce their exposure to loss as the results get closer to the expected win/lose ratio.

Here's an example. When you toss a coin, each toss has a 50% chance of being heads. Over three tosses, it is possible they will all come up heads. This is less likely but still possible over five tosses...or ten. It's still possible but extremely unlikely over 100 tosses. The more times you flip, the closer your result will be to the expected value of 50% heads and 50% tails.

For this reason, it is entirely possible that, over four participations, they all come up losing – even if the odds of winning are set to 25%.

How will I know which prizes have been won?

Once your campaign goes live and participants start winning prizes, it’s easy to tell the status of any prize. Prizes have a stock level that indicates the number of units that have already been won:


When a prize is won, your stock level might not be updated right away, and that is due to a 5-minute cache.

How do I put a prize back into play?

If for any reason you need to delete a winner and put the prize back into play (for instance, if they were a cheater or if you’ve won over a test participation), simply delete the winner’s participation. This can be done simply from the campaign statistics. Reschedule the prize and you’re done!

Can the same participant win more than once?

Yes. By default, our system avoids that the same user can win more than one of the prizes. However, the option below allows the same user to win more than one prize in your instant win contest. You can define it to be limiting based on the email address (linked to the {email} variable) or the phone number (linked to the {phone} variable).

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