Set up a photo or video contest upload campaign

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In this guide, we’ll walk you through how you can easily create an upload campaign to run your own online photo or video contest with Qualifio.

  1. Access Qualifio and log in.
  2. Create a new campaign by clicking the orange button.
  3. You'll be presented with the campaign types available. Choose Photo contest or Video contestUpload to create your campaign.


It doesn’t matter whether you want to provide a selection of photos for voting or first collect the photos of your participants. With a photo upload campaign, you can choose to bulk import your own images (with the old photo gallery) or collect submissions.

Upload question

To add an upload question:

  1. Select File upload into your question from the Questions step.
  2. Enter your question text.
  3. Select the file types you want the question to accept and adjust the settings under Options.
  4. Click Save.


Keep things organised with gallery filters (using the old gallery)

If your contest has subcategories, include a drop-down or a checkbox field so participants can select the correct one. Sorting photos will be easier that way. Check the tutorial on how to create a gallery with category filters.


Participant registration form

To participate in the upload phase, participants must fill in a form. As usual, you get to decide which information they have to provide. To do this, go to the Form step and configure your registration form.

When you collect personal data, don’t forget that you can inform the data subjects using a privacy policy. You can also clarify the conditions of participation and prizes within your contest rules.

Upload moderation and limit

You can directly accept submissions into your contest, or the photos or videos that participants upload can be moderated as they arrive. In that case, only your approved photos and videos will be displayed in the gallery.

When you collect contest submissions with Qualifio you’ll also be able to choose how many times or how often you want to allow participants to submit entries. Check the tutorial where we explain how limits work.


After the upload question and the form have been created, you can activate and configure a gallery to display photos or videos from the Settings step. This is the best way to quickly build a valuable repository of user-generated content. Your participants will only be able to look at pictures or videos, but this doesn’t activate the vote function in your contest.

If you’re looking to build a gallery with a voting system, you will need to set up a voting campaign – something we discuss in this guide.

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